Hell's Bells 2

The Power and Spirit of Popular Music

The critically acclaimed, best-selling documentary series that lays the axe to the root of the idol of popular culture. Discover what true “satanism”really is and the degree to which our culture has become “satanic.”

This six-hour, two-disc, documentary series is broken into eight parts:

Part 1: Introduction –Foundations for Cultural Analysis; 19 mins.

Part 2: Sound & Fury –An Examination of the Power of Music; 50 mins.

Part 3: Heartbeats –Music’s Spiritual Connection; 30 mins.

Part 4: Notes from the Underground –The Occult History of Rock; 70 mins.

Part 5: Hearts of Darkness –Rebellion, Nihilism and Death; 48 mins.

Part 6: Mojo Rising –Satanic Sex and Rock ‘n’Roll; 60 mins.

Part 7: Antichrist Superstars –Rock’s Ultimate Rebellion; 43 mins.

Part 8: Knockin’on Heaven’s Door; 48 mins.

Testimony: “Part 4 - Notes from the Underground was by itself worth the cost of the whole series. Incredible! I learned more about the origins of many of the insane ideas that guide our modern world than I did from seminary. Kudos to you and your outstanding research and production.” -Pastor Brady Clark, Atlanta, Georgia

Production: The Apologetics Group, Eric Holmberg ,  Erik Hollander & James Gelet 

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Price:   $20.00 + S/H